Video: Pink's "Raise Your Glass" Is Another Lyrics Clip

Video: Pink's "Raise Your Glass" Is Another Lyrics Clip

Along with Cee-Lo and My Chemical Romance, diva-with-an-edge Pink is in on the "take your ubiquitous new song, make a preview of the actual video with the lyrics" thing. "Raise Your Glass" is one of a couple of fresh tracks featured on her Greatest Hits... So Far!!, due out November 16. Similar to Kanye West's toast to douchebags, assholes, scumbags, and jerkoffs, Pink's got her followers raising their glasses to party crashers, panty snatchers, gangstas, underdogs, and dirty little freaks.

Between the two, sounds like the bevy of Halloween parties County Grind readers can expect for this weekend. Watch below.

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