Video: Surfer Blood Debuts "Floating Vibes" Via Public Access TV

"Back to you in the studio, J.P.!"

Surfer Blood's just-released video for "Floating Vibes" is the perfect companion for Pitchfork's new feature "

The 1990s in Lists

" -- it has all of the goofball, lo-fi charm of the alt-rock videos of the era.  We had an inkling of that back in June when co-director Garth Warner

detailed the video's origins

: "This an homage to a lot of old production

techniques inspired by the area's public access stations and local

commercials but using high-res cameras." Amazing use of green screen technology, fake mustaches and mystery meat, folks. Watch below.

Look closely at the 2:04 and 3:04 marks to see quick cameos by West Palm Beach's the Dewars, who are hitting the road with Surfer Blood in October. [via Kanine]


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