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Village People

When it comes to pop culture, few groups in history are as recognizable as the saucy gay disco group, the Village People. Knock them if you want, but they´ve got legions of fans all over the country and dress better than you do, so don´t hate. Hits like ¨In the Navy¨ and ¨Macho Man¨ can still get people on the dance floor, and their biggest tune, ¨YMCA,¨ is one of the most popular songs ever written. You can hear it playing in sports arenas, bar mitzvahs, and junior high school dances to this day, and any song that deeply engrained in American culture deserves at least a nod of respect. Their heyday is long gone, but the VPs still hit the road and party like the disco era never died. Sure, you can argue that their overly gay shtick, which they´ve been riding for the past 30 years, has grown old, and so have they. But at least they look good while belting out their classic material.


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