For all the indie kids who prefer the white-boys-with-guitars dynamic of so many bands causing a stir on the independent scene, it's actually a decent time to get into electronica. Acts like Mylo and Isolée have recently dropped surprisingly accessible records, and to that pile we can add Vitalic. Not to say that Frenchman Pascal Arbez creates dumbed-down music — far from it, in fact. OK Cowboy, which saw U.K. release last year, bubbles and chugs along through multiple layers on each intelligently orchestrated track. But in songs such as "My Friend Dario," beats collide against guitars, and the whole thing feels like a soundtrack to a video racing game. Elsewhere, "Woo" might as well be the latest Daft Punk single (though it's better than the robotic group's latest effort), and "La Rock 01" builds like a house anthem, with each piece slowly getting placed on the other until the song feels close to falling apart. Organized chaos? Hell, yes.

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