Thinking outside the Vox.
Thinking outside the Vox.

Viva le Vox Celebrate New CD at Respectable Street

Freaks and fans alike can brace themselves for Lake Worth act Viva le Vox's upcoming CD-release party, a spectacle some might refer to as a "hillbilly zombie circus." Freaks aside, the band is a local work of art worth checking out if you want to feel scared and uncomfortable yet longing for more once the show ends.

Viva le Vox puts on a Vaudeville-esque horror show, producing a sound similar to gravelly swamp rock mixed with a stage presence that'll leave you asking, "Did he really just spit in his bandmate's eye?" At first glance, the quartet resembles a traveling carnival troupe of zombies ungracefully strumming spoons down a washboard or dry-humping an upright bass. Beyond the ghoulish appearance and outward acts of self-aggression is a band with soul, passion, and the amazing ability to connect with a crowd — even if that crowd is stunned. Lead singer Tony Bones belting out ghastly, energetic songs like "Better Off Dead" and "Down at the Laundromat" is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The new CD, Wayward Ones, compiles several songs that did not make the group's Desperation Alley release, as well as a few live tracks from a show played in Erie, Pennsylvania. As an added bonus, the ticket price includes a copy of the CD, and they're giving away free cupcakes. Recommendation: Eat the cupcakes before the band performs.


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