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Voltaire's numerous albums on the Projekt label — showcasing his smooth voice, ear for inventive arrangements (acoustic guitar, mariachi horns, klezmer-informed violins, and more) and often scabrously funny lyrics (tackling everything from zombie prostitutes to Star Wars character orgies to fights in goth clubs between various poseurs to demands for fresh brains to eat )— capture a unique artist at work. And he's indeed an "artist," having regularly worked on cartoons, toys, and comic art for even longer than he has been releasing albums, all shot through with his equally loving and witty eye. Voltaire takes pride in making a mark that goes beyond simply making a joke as well — his "serious" album, 2004's Then and Again, was no less accomplished for being so straightforward. With further work, including a recently completed film script he hopes to direct and star in, all Voltaire seemingly has to do is keep on keepin' on.

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