We Came as Romans Tops Christian Metalcore Night at Rocketown

Oh Christ, it's We Came as Romans!
Chris Estrada

The incongruous-sounding Motel 6 Rock Yourself to Sleep tour slides into town for the second time in six months on Tuesday. Instead of pop-punk groups, this tour brings with it a litany of Christian metalcore acts. For those unfamiliar with the genre, it is hard to conceive that these acts, with their beastly guitar attacks and roaring caterwauls, are delivering messages of faith, compassion, and love.

Headlining act We Came as Romans pulls off the posthardcore, Christian ethos convincingly. Although this sextet from Troy, Michigan, doesn't pigeonhole itself as a Christian act, the interming­ling vocal work of Dave Stephens' blustering yawps and Kyle Pavone's emotive croons heard on tracks like "Plant a Seed" convey themes that are undeniably inspirational. Along with fellow faith-based screamo bands such as For Today and the Word Alive, this edition of Rock Yourself to Sleep couldn't have picked a better locale than Pompano Beach's outreach center/concert hall Rocketown for its South Florida stopover. After spending the night headbanging to chugging Christian rock, a good night's rest will be in order.

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