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We the Kings

Not sure if there's something in the water, but Florida is becoming a hotbed for progressive alt rock again. While Gainesville's Against Me! is landing feature stories in Rolling Stone and Yellowcard is carrying the mixed-music sounds of Jacksonville out of the basement state, another Florida band seems primed to blow the fuck up any minute now. Representing the 941, Bradenton's We the Kings have a sound that's got all the girls on MySpace swooning, yet guys aren't embarrassed to listen to it. Couple that with the band's propensity to write lyrics that pluck at the heartstrings of Gen Y'ers mixed with a hard power-pop sound and you've got a band that can't lose. The four quirky members of We the Kings aren't heartthrobs by any stretch of the imagination, but judging by their upcoming, self-titled debut, they'll still manage to be sex symbols by this time next year.

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