Webb Wilder

It seems strange to say this as a point of differentiation, but Webb Wilder plays rock 'n' roll. Not a hyphenated form of rock 'n' roll, not an ironically rendered reconfiguration of rock 'n' roll... just good ol' rock. In fact, Wilder's roots-based approach is so basic that his latest album is being released via a blues label. Records, however, have never much mattered to the Webb Wilder faithful; since he emerged on the circuit in the late '80s and early '90s, he's made the stage his battlefield, delivering high-powered and humorous performances in any venue brave enough to host him. Those performances — often enlivened by the party atmosphere Wilder generates — have enraptured punk rockers and shitkickers alike. Don't let the glasses fool you; the most philosophical Wilder gets is the truism of his long-held motto: "Work Hard, Rock Hard, Eat Hard, Sleep Hard, Grow Big, Wear Glasses (If You Need 'em)." There's nothing wrong with that.


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