With its ninth release, Quebec, Ween has obliterated any doubt that it's the greatest drug band in the history of drugs and bands. The album spans the cosmos of aural artificial bliss, from the metal scorcher "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" ("You bring the razor blade/I'll bring the speed") to the airy, legalized, la-la-la land of "Zoloft" ("Can feel it inside, makin' me smile"). And that's just the first two tracks. The remaining 13 songs would titillate any druggie, recreational or otherwise, regardless of his choice of poison. But user beware. There are some parts that might get a little scary for folks who've just smoked a bunch of wet -- particularly the foggy dirge "Captain," on which a ghostlike voice moans "Turn around and take me home" over and over again. But these forays into the catacombs of feedback and altered voices are mercifully short, and they give way to simple buzzy melodies that glisten with tremolo and reverb. Even crackheads will smile at the album's myriad Weenisms, such as "Scrapin' my guts off of the ceiling/I've got that sunny bunny feeling."

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