What Is the Ultimate "Let's Get It On" Song?

Inspired by next week's Prince concert, Maggie and Aaron of the Freakin' Hott answer the burning, throbbing question: What is the ultimate "Let's get it on" song?

Maggie: "Chris Isaak's 'Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.' He starts off slowly crooning, which is perfect for making out, and then he builds to all-out wailing, which is perfect for ripping clothes off and rolling around. It's naughty and romantic without being vulgar and oversensitive. It's the kind of song you enjoy doing the deed to when you're old enough to understand that sex is more of a connection than an act and the buildup is as good as the sex itself. Bonus: The song has the ability to make you feel like you're doing a sex scene in some movie with Mickey Rourke, before he became a weird bulldog, that is. It also goes well with garters." Aaron: "I've found that anything off of Jeff Buckley's Grace album sends shivers in all the right places. There's something about those high lonesome notes, and if you turn it up loud enough, it harmonizes well with low moans. It's also fun to try to make the headboard knock against the wall in time with the music." -- Audra Schroeder

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