Whirl, little dervishes

Some bandmates find one another through want ads. Others meet in high school, college, or at shitty day jobs. But one night back in 1989, four strangers came together through one passion: breakdancing. The place was the now-defunct dive bar Summers on the Beach, and the men -- Steve Copeletti, Mike Johnson, Matt Cohen, and Adam Rosenberg -- were looking to find fame and fortune in the form of the windmill, the handspin, the helicopter, the air swipe, and the difficult "baby suicide" (from a handstand, you let go and fall on your back) at the annual Breakdance-Off. Undefeated champion Chaz "No Bones" Martinelli ruled the floor with his impressive reverse headspin, but Rosenberg challenged him by doing the basic six-step and incorporating the use of a pommel horse. Martinelli won that night, but Cohen, Rosenberg, Copeletti, and Johnson cut their losses and went on to form Whirlaway. Their b-boy days are behind them, but check out the CD-release party for their stellar third album, Pompano, at the Billabong Pub (3000 Country Club Ln., Hallandale Beach), with openers Bling Bling and the Remedy Session. Call 954-985-1050, or visit www.whirlawaymusic.com. -- Audra Schroeder

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