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What can be said about Fort Lauderdale's neighbor to the north -- Pompano Beach? Unless you enjoy mullet-spotting, sports bars, or lying facedown in a pool of your own sick after that sixth shot of tequila -- well, not a whole lot. But much can be said about Whirlaway's third release. Ten tracks build steadily, creating pulsing pillows of reverb and lilting vocals until each eventually explodes into a mellifluence of guitars and drums. Pompano is almost sonically sexual. Not Prince sexual, not girl-I-wanna-lay-you-down sexual, but it captures that feeling of release and the effervescence of the afterglow. "Gone by Now," "Tumble," and "Polaris" absolutely shimmer with intimacy, while "On My Way" and "The Blinded" full-out rock. This is an ample departure from the dreamy epics on 2001's Letting Go. Whirlaway has a knack for delivering pure pop bliss that never wears out its welcome. And Pompano is not one-night-stand material, so don't even think about not calling.


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