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White Demons

The guys in White Demons may occasionally wear eyeliner and tight jeans, but there's not a single song about a chick on this CD and not one stinky whiff of shitty emo. What we've got instead is explosive, trashy, borderline-glam punk 'n' roll with shouted choruses and crisp, fiery guitar solos akin to AC/DC's hot licks. The album opens with "Spit on My Liver," a rawkin' New York Dolls-ish number in which frontman Nick K. (who often sounds like Buckcherry singer Joshua Todd) belts out, "Got the luxury of a halo/But I treat it like a stain." The lyrical wit continues in "It's All About the Rock," with lines such as "You like the way I underachieve," and in "In the Flesh," which echoes the sentiments of Jet's "Rollover DJ" by asking "When did the DJ become the band?/I'm living in the flesh connected." As if to prove the musical superiority of men over machines, the song opens with a powerful drum charge and a dark, gritty guitar riff reminiscent of 1980s L.A. metal and ends in a blaze of muted, spacy guitar effects. Play that with a turntable, suckas.


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