Will Ferrell Calls Kristen Stewart a "Trampire" on Conan

Will Ferrell Calls Kristen Stewart a "Trampire" on Conan

We get it. You're tired of hearing about the Kstew/RPatz drama. So are we....PSYCH.

Every morning we wake up, check out our favorite gossip blogs to see if any new details have been released about the oh, so scandalous affair. Did you know he had her car towed to a local McDonald's? Seriously though, TomKat and Brangelina who?

And we're not the only ones lamenting over the Twi-tragedy. Last night, Will Ferrell went on Conan to express his feelings about the vampire relationship gone sour. You could watch the video on mute, and it'd still be amusing. But don't. Cause you don't want to miss out on him calling KStew a "Trampire."

Watch the video after the jump.

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