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Yngwie Malmsteen at Revolution, November 5

Spend enough time around South Broward and northern Miami-Dade and with a little luck, you'll eventually have your own Yngwie Malmsteen sighting. And he's quite a sight indeed — the Swedish-born, Miami-based shredder usually appears in full metal glory, rocking a sort of gravity-defying mane of long curls and tight pants. But it totally works for Yngwie (pronounced, more or less, ING-vay), whose guitar-shredding ability and unique style is unmatched by pretty much anyone else. Unlike many other famous noodlers, he works in a more or less metal framework, though it's one that's become more and more symphonic over time. These days, Malmsteen's music soars to almost classical levels of complexity, powered by an all-around hard-rock heft.

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