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These days, it's hard for pop artists to make a lasting impression with Generation Y. MySpace and YouTube have hijacked America's attention span when it comes to music, and a singer/songwriter needs to find new ways of gaining popularity if radio play isn't happening. Local singer Yoni seems to have this figured out, and the 29-year-old is focusing his interest on television rather than radio to help subliminally work his way into America's hearts. For proof of this, Yoni's debut album, Extra Credit, was recently licensed by The Hills, The Real World, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, and Road Rules. If that's not enough, his lead single, "Twentysomething," was recently featured on PBS' Roadtrip Nation. So even though he doesn't have a label behind him signing off on million-dollar music videos, his songs are still making their way onto MTV, and networks are paying him for the rights to play them. Now, that's pimping the system. As for the substance behind all of this industry savvy — Yoni's music conveys the experiences of post-college life better than any other pop singer who comes to mind. His songs aren't strictly laced with lyrics about student loans and Ramen diets; they dig deep and channel a fire that burns within. His songs, like "Tales of Higher Learning" and "Consider This," pluck at the joys and pains of being 20-something and on the verge of reaching one's potential. If that sounds like he's limiting his audience due to the subject matter, he's not. In fact, the opposite is happening, and there's a generation of young folks listening to his music whether they realize it or not. Let's find out if he's able to win over fans in person.

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