Young Circles at Propaganda, July 15

As Stonefox, and then Blond Fuzz, Boca-based Young Circles were probably the tricounty area's finest purveyors of no-nonsense, hard-charging garage rock. Eventually, though, the bandmates found they had painted themselves into a musical corner. The same guitar riffs got to feeling stale, so the guys looked back to their earlier, more experimental material and scrapped everything out. Voilà, a new act, Young Circles, in which guitars can barely be discerned through the layers of psychedelic, beat-driven trickery. It's much more interesting to boot, recalling often the times Chemical Brothers dabbled more heavily with live instrumentation.

Although a new Young Circles record is forthcoming, the real celebration at Propaganda this night is for Goolsby (with whom Young Circles' Jeff Rose briefly played as well). The band has just returned to South Florida after a stint in New York spreading the fuzzy power-pop gospel, and the gig is billed as a homecoming party. Buddies Lavola also promise to contribute lots of deliciously distorted squall.


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