Young Circles Giving Away Jungle Habits at Midnight

If Miami experimental rock troupe Young Circles has its way, the remainder of the year will be filled with debate regarding its debut full-length, Jungle Habits. The vets of South Florida's live scene have assembled their most ambitious, animalistic collection of songs yet. For the entire 24 hours of Tuesday, August 23, these 11 tracks are all free to the attentive public.

Following the Bones EP, which emerged early this year, frontman Jordy Asher and his cohorts have assembled a multi-layered, psychedelic document that rarely lingers in one sonic cubbyhole for more than a few stanzas. If you need proof already, snag "2012" and "Love Hitch" right here, right now.

And then, set your alarm for 12 a.m.

At Facebook:

Young Circles are releasing their debut LP, "Jungle Habits" on Tuesday, August 23rd. The album will be available for FREE on their website for one day and one day only. Download it if you want it, because it will not be free the day afterward!

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