70-year-old Woman Charged With Stalking Priest

​When you think of stalkers, generally it conjures images of creepy, perverted men, potential serial killers and the occasional lovelorn teenager - but certainly not grandmas.

That's why you might be surprised to hear about the 70-year-old woman from Tamarac who was arrested and booked into Broward County Jail on Wednesday on a charge of stalking her priest in Coral Springs.

The 92-year-old Rev. Edward Konopka told police his alleged stalker, Dorothy Joan Scalise, called him every morning, leaving threatening messages on his home telephone answering machine. He even found her sitting outside his home

a couple of times, although he had never exchanged personal information with her. 


was arrested Wednesday, but has since been released to home confinement and ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.

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