911 Calls from Boys' Lockup Thompson Academy Claim Child Abuse, Broken Bones, Assault

Cover story: Kids claim abuse at juvenile lockup

It's hard to tell what goes on behind the walls of Thompson Academy, a Pembroke Pines "residential facility" for boys who are criminal offenders, but there sure have been a lot of nasty 911 calls coming out of the facility since the beginning of 2011.

Records show calls for assault, dehydration, choking, stomach pains, seizure, vomiting, child abuse (both deliberate and "involuntary"), people being Baker Acted, and more. Youth Services International, the private company that runs the facility, has taken heat for claims of abuse.

Below is the full list of 911 calls to Thompson from January 2011 through last month:

Police Calls to the Facility

In response to claims of abuse, Youth Services administrators have claimed practices are fine at the facility. Meanwhile, the Broward public defender's office is continuing with legal action on the cases of 54 youth that have been locked up at the 154-bed facility.

Broward County judges are considering action to place a court-appointed monitor at the facility or take other steps to reduce the number of complaints plaguing the cases they send to Thompson.

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