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A Halfway-Built House in Lake Worth
Nicole Danna

A Halfway-Built House in Lake Worth

Location: A corner lot on one of the quiet residential streets of Lake Worth, just blocks from downtown Lake Avenue and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Time abandoned: Unknown. Owner Mark Szafaryn apparently began work on 1102 S. N St. shortly after he bought it for $75,000 in late 2003.

State of disrepair: One-half of this abandoned house is testament to its original state -- what was once a white stucco, 1,185-square-foot, single-family 

home. The other half is an unfinished rebuild, nothing more than a cinder-block exterior wall on a barren sandlot of a yard, save for a few overgrown palms and unused recycling and trash receptacles. As of 2010, the house was appraised at just over $39,000.

Availability: Unknown. There is no sign this house is for sale, and it isn't listed. There's only a padlocked fence and a "No Trespassing" sign erected by the city.

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