Accused Fraudster in Boca Pitching a Reality TV Show Before Trial

Even the irony of it has become a cliche: Reality television is the best place to deceive the world. Ross Mandell's looking to convince the public that he's not the boiler-room-based white collar crook he appears to be in the U.S. government's criminal complaint; rather, that he's a honest, funny, family-lovin' guy who can't help that he's such an ingenious businessman.

Mandell told the Los Angeles Times. "I would love to allow the world to see me as a I really am."

Careful what you wish for. Here's an article that suggests he's really a guy who cheated investors out of $140 million.

If Mandell's pitch gets a green light, the camera crews will be setting up shop in his $1.8 million home in Boca Raton.

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