Airline Chooses Lauderdale Airport Over Miami Because of Superior "Demographics"

Airline Chooses Lauderdale Airport Over Miami Because of Superior "Demographics"
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Now there's a word you want to be careful with when explaining an investment in Broward County over one in Miami-Dade. But that's the word that Virgin America CEO David Cush used to justify his airline's decision to make Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport a destination rather than Miami International. USA Today's travel section asked him,

So, why Fort Lauderdale and not Miami? 
"We liked the demographics of Fort Lauderdale," Cush says in a phone interview with Today in the Sky.

Let's pause there and look at the recent census data. It shows that Broward County is 48 percent white , 25 percent black, and 23 percent Hispanic. Miami-Dade is 62 percent Hispanic, 20 percent black, and 18 percent white.

After the jump, the CEO goes for the save.

(Cush) points out that Fort Lauderdale's catchment area - or area from which an airport can draw customers - stretches from Palm Beach to the north to the northern portion of Miami-Dade County to the south.

Plus, Cush adds, the cost of operating at Fort Lauderdale "is quite a bit less expensive than Miami."

Virgin flights start at FLL in mid-November.

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