Allen West For President? It's Starting.

Yes, the buzz is already starting up in some of the farthest reaching corners of America's right wing that Allen West should be our next president. There's now a website devoted to the idea and a blog called American Thinker had a post about West yesterday titled "America's Next Black President" that opined:  

"On the horizon, the 'dawn of a new America' approaches and with it comes a uniqe opportunity to replace America's first black president with a man who, secondary to being a patriotic American, just happens to be black."

And here's another Republican blog that promotes West as an "intelligent and rational antidote to Ron Paul" after the CPAC straw poll showed Paul as the most popular choice for the 2012 nomination.

Of course this is all silly talk. West is way too radical to ever get any traction in a presidential run. Right?

-- Should have probably let y'all know that American Greed's show on Scott Rothstein is coming up but didn't want to hype it too soon. Though I won't be on the screen, I helped with the production so you'll see some Pulpalicious things in the show that is airing next Wednesday at 10 p.m. Maybe we should live blog that baby.

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