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    Let Them Eat Cake

    It began with a February 5 memo from Earl Maucker that was posted on Romenesko. The Sun-Sentinel editor was looking for newsroom employees willing to take early retirements. Now it's official, say sources: Eighteen Sentinel vets have taken the offer....

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 6, 2007 @ 10:02 am
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    RIP Darryl Stingley

    Darryl Stingley, a former New England receiver who was paralyzed on the football field by a vicious hit (in a preseason game, no less) from Jack Tatum, died today. Here's a confession: I always felt sorry for Stingley, but I idolized his crippler. ...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 5, 2007 @ 5:47 pm
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    CNN Rips Off Miami New Times

    John, you ignorant slut. Okay, well maybe John Zarrella, the burly CNN correspondent based in Plantation, isn't a slut (but aren't all network people, really?). He's definitely a thief. Check out this story, bylined by Zarrella and abetter Patrick...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 5, 2007 @ 5:10 pm
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    Who's Messing With Jason Wetherington?

    Months pass. The phone rings this morning. What follows is a reconstructed, paraphrased version of the conversation that is as true as I can make it: Me: Hello? JW: This is Jason Wetherington. Me: Hello Jason, how are you doing? JW: Somebody has ...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 4, 2007 @ 11:24 am
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    The (Soon To Be) Departed

    A Pulp reader has provided a partial list of Sun-Sentinelers who are taking the early retirement plan. Here they are: -- Buddy Nevins. No surprise there. -- John Dolen, entertainment editor. -- Tim Dodson, long-time editorial page writer and col...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 4, 2007 @ 9:36 am
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    Miami Developer Nabbed For Crotch Grab

    Yes, but to mix a crotch grab with a high five? That's just bad form. Pick one bonding gesture at a time, dude. Check out his supposed MySpace page -- he's apparently online right now, so, if you're very very lucky, you can message him live. It says ...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 3, 2007 @ 2:16 pm
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    Sam Zell: Grave Dancer

    The venerable Nikki Finke over at the NT's sister paper in L.A. has an interesting take on the Zell purchase of the Tribune Co., likening it to a mob takeover, with Zell as Tony Soprano and Tribune CEO Dennis J. FitzSimons playing the role of his new...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 3, 2007 @ 12:46 pm
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    Gators Win, Readers Lose

    With UF winning its second straight championship, our dailies didn't really try to be clever with their headlines. The Palm Beach Post were the most flamboyant with "Sweet Repeat for Gators." (See, "sweet" and "repeat" rhyme.) Sun-Sentinel settled wi...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 3, 2007 @ 10:41 am
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    Martin Blasts Zell Takeover

    I'm not going to pretend that I know what's going in the Zell purchase of the Tribune Co. But Andy Martin will. The rabblerousing grenade-launching "internet publisher" says the purchase is the "death knell of American journalism." And that he will s...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 2, 2007 @ 12:32 pm
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    Milian The 'Leaker'?

    The Daily Business Review's Julie Kay has a great piece in today's Daily Business Review that gets inside the Hollywood police scandal. Foremost, she identifies the man who Hollywood Police Chief James Scarberry has ID'd as the leaker: Defense attorn...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 2, 2007 @ 11:58 am
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    Not The Same As The Old Boss

    Tribune Co. and Sun-Sentinel sold! This Sam Zell dude sounds a little crazy, at least relative to the dull-ass Trib: The transaction will place Zell, the motorcycle riding, epithet slinging multibillionaire, who just two months ago closed the $3...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 2, 2007 @ 11:30 am
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    How Can We Pander To You?

    The smell of hot matzo ball soup, roast chicken, gefilte fish and freshly grated horseradish. Aunts, uncles and cousins gathered around the family table. Distinctive Hebrew songs. Cup after cup of sweet Manischewitz wine. Hours of reading and chantin...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on April 2, 2007 @ 10:00 am
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    Wingin' It - Fledgling Guardian Angels get the call from gang-riddled Lake Worth

    Downtown Lake Worth is doing fine. East of Federal Highway near the beach, life is splendid. But walk down South N Street and things get a lot grittier. There's Adrianne, the neighborhood prostitute. And those gangbangers over there are getting read...

    by Ashley Harrell on August 2, 2007
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    Las Dull-as

    "Planning" the life out of Las Olas: What really irks me about the city planning commission and the commissioners who voted on the proposal of an "isolated" condominium on the most prominent downtown Fort Lauderdale commercial/retail street ("Toweri...

    on August 2, 2007
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    Our Islamic Side - Yeah, part moro, moron

    ASK A MEXICAN! Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans say "Ojal Dios quiere!"? Ojal refers to Allah the Muslim god, and Dios is the Christian god. Do Mexicans want to cover their bases and get a double blessing, or maybe they can't make up their minds? ...

    by Gustavo Arellano on August 2, 2007
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    Sex on the Beach - Testing Naugle's fantasy

    I'm sitting with my legs crossed on a bench outside of a restroom in Holiday Park, screaming for sodomy. There's a way you're supposed to look if you're trying to get laid in a public park, and I've got it down: I'm 24, tall and gangly, blond by ...

    by Brandon K. Thorp on August 2, 2007
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    Paging Dr. Hardy Harhar - Professional help on the hunt for laughs

    Drink has been called a tonic, laughter the best medicine. But they're not covered by insurance. Between admission fees and drink prices, good health through bar comedy can get pricey. Not so at Buzz's Bar. The no-frills, neighborhood joint in Su...

    by Marya Summers on August 2, 2007
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    The Stacy 'n' Russ Show - Ritter & Klenet sounds like a lobbying firm

    Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter couldn't make the June 26 commission meeting, but she took the time to call in her vote on one issue: giving the county's health insurance contract to a single company, Vista Health Plan. "Nobody wants to ...

    by Bob Norman on August 2, 2007
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    Whodunit - Great Tate Debate

    For two years now, Tailpipe has been hearing rumors about an alleged miscarriage of justice in the arrest of Lionel Tate for the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man in 2005. Tailpipe has heard the rumors and, until now, dismissed them. You remembe...

    by Edmund Newton on August 2, 2007
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    Pulpa Culpa

    Well, now's not the time or place for that. The point is that in the letter Buddy denied that lobbyist Ali Waldman was the source of the Busey article or had any influence on the writing of it. Well, I have to take him at his word for that, at least ...

    @ The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman on March 31, 2007 @ 5:47 pm
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