Baghdad, We Have a Winner

So Saddam relented.

Inspectors have arrived.

Big deal.

We at New Times aren't retreating. We are boldly proceeding with our make-fun-of-the-bloodbath comics contest.

In fact, we're naming a winner: Ray Russotto of Deerfield Beach.

A freelancer whose work has appeared in national magazines as well as the Sun-Sentinel and the Boca Raton News, he'll take home the $250 prize money. His entry (right) is, well, rather scatological. That's easy. But, hell, easy is good. These are the subtropics, after all.

Also in the running was New Times Circulation Director Edwin Montalvo, who received a master's degree in painting from Yale University. His partner is local writer Baylen Linneken. Their cartoon proves they like MTV. We're not sure whether they're partial to the Iraqi lunkhead in chief.

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