Belle Glade Orders Concerned Citizen to Stop Picking Up Trash

Do not try to clean up this picture.
Do not try to clean up this picture.
Keep it trashy, Belle Glade.

Try to pick up trash in this Palm Beach County city and you might be threatened by the long arm of the law. According to a story reported by News Channel 5, the efforts of a concerned citizen to clean up trash-infested neighborhoods in Belle Glade were shunned Wednesday by the mayor and city attorney.

The man, Hydn Rousseau, was told he could be charged with criminal trespassing if he continued his organized neighborhood cleanup group made up of 50 volunteers. Their goal: to fight crime by working to beautify local neighborhoods in need of a little TLC.

Rather than be lauded for his efforts to clear away unsightly debris -- stuff we'd never think to touch, like needles and buckets of stagnant garbage -- Rousseau was asked to leave the littered private properties alone. 

So much for trying to do a good deed.

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