Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Possibly Identified and Arrested UPDATED

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Possibly Identified and Arrested UPDATED

The age of 24 hour cable news/Twitter feeds have come smashing together...

Via CNN, The Miami Herald had reported that Boston Marathon bombing investigators may have identified a suspect.

There had been reports of a possible suspect leaving a black bag at the site of the second explosion via surveillance video.

Reports also said that surveillance footage from the Lord & Taylor across the street from the second explosion shows this supposed suspect.

Here's how we blogged it up it via the myriad of Twitter feeds and avalanche of information:

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that the suspect is already in police custody, and is expected in federal court:

CBS News, meanwhile, says that NO arrest has been made:

The Boston Globe says their source is saying there is a suspect in custody:

UPDATE (2:35 pm):

Press is gathering outside the Federal Court in Boston:

UPDATE (2:40 pm):

Boston Globe is now saying there is NO suspect in custody, contradicting their source from earlier:

UPDATE (2:49 pm):

The AP is now reporting that the Feds are denying they have a suspect in custody:

UPDATE (2:53 pm):

And now things are getting, shall we say, wacky.

CNN reported earlier that the suspect was a "brown-skinned" male. Now CBSNews is saying....

UPDATE (3:00 pm.):

The FBI has released a statement (via NBC)

Ah, the internet news age. 

We'll update this post as we get more information.

And by "update," we mean when an actual real-life human person has been for-real arrested.

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