Broward County Ditches One-Bite Doggy Death Row, Freeing Mercedes the Pit Bull

​One deadly bite was all it took to put Mercedes, a pit bull from Fort Lauderdale charged with killing her neighbor's cat, on death row.

But Mercedes is no longer contemplating her last bowl of kibble. She was released from county kennel custody earlier this week after Broward County nixed its doggy death penalty

Wednesday, a decision ruled by the state appeals court.

The ordinance's "one bite and you're out" provision conflicted with state law and could not be enforced against a dog ordered euthanized after a single fatal attack on another animal.

As it stands now, the countywide ordinance allows dogs that attack or bite other animals multiple chances to turn over a new bone before being put to death.

Area residents have expressed their concern as to whether Mercedes would kill or maim again. To protect the pit bull from the stigma of her hometown cynics, Mercedes' family has decided to bring her to their home in Tampa. Because if there's one area known as a safe zone for crime, it's Tampa.

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