Milton Talbert Jr.
Milton Talbert Jr.

Chicken Chucker Gets The Taser In West Palm Beach

Chickens aren't very good at flying -- unless they're allegedly coming from the throwing arm of Milton Talbert Jr.

Police say Talbert was arrested early this morning after hurling a piece of chicken that hit his wife in the face.

After popping her in the face with the poultry, the cops say Talbert went on the run.

Police say they found him a couple blocks away, and after shouting out some profanities and whatnot, the cops gave him a Taser blast.

Talbert's wife told police they were in an argument over how drunk he was, whereupon he decided to try ending the argument by firing the chicken at her face, police say.

Little did Talbert (or we) know that there's actually a "Chicken Chucker" that can launch chickens up to 15 feet, according to its package:

Talbert is charged with battery and resisting arrest without violence, according to the courts.

Click here if you missed yesterday's chicken news, stuffed full of mother-clucking chicken puns.

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