CNN Botches Health-Care Ruling on Homepage

In the race to break the news of the U.S. Supreme Court health-care ruling, several media outlets wrongly rushed out headlines declaring it had been struck down. But none botched the news with as much gusto as CNN.

Full-sized screenshot of the mistake after the jump.

CNN Botches Health-Care Ruling on Homepage

While sleek-looking, the news was completely wrong. The Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate in a 5-4 decision.

CNN wasn't the only outlet to deliver wrong news.

As noted by our sister paper, the Miami New Times, the Miami Herald, blasted out misleading news to its Twitter followers, then stated conflicting reports were emerging, then provided the accurate news that the mandate was in fact upheld by the nation's top court.

Diane Rehm, esteemed NPR radio host, also said that the court struck down the mandate but then corrected the news.

Perhaps this whole 24-hour-news-cycle thing has gotten a bit reckless.

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