via WPTV
via WPTV

Cuban Immigrants Land Ashore in a Boat Made With a Car Engine

Eighteen Cubans -- 16 men and two women -- arrived on the shores of Riviera Beach's Singer Island around 1 a.m. today on an old 21-foot fishing vessel, according to Border Patrol.

Police arrived on the scene around 2 a.m. The 18 individuals have been taken to a Riviera Beach immigration processing center.

West Palm Beach Border Patrol officials were notified of a possible migrant landing shortly after the boat hit land. Agents on the scene said all 18 were waiting by the vessel, which was equipped with an improvised rudder and sail.

According to the Border Patrol officials, the immigrants left Cuba on Friday and traveled in a homemade fishing boat that ran on a Russian car engine from the 1950s.

Now before the condescending, dickish, and borderline racist comments about people coming to this great nation of ours just to suck us dry start up, keep in mind that these people just came from a country where the only motor available for them to use on their homemade boat was A RUSSIAN CAR FROM THE 1950s.

All 18 are in good health, according to officials.


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