D-Wade Misses Final Shot in Heat Loss

But really, it might have been the ref who missed an important call on that final shot of the 98-96 loss, the fourth loss in five games. As Dwyane Wade set his feet for the three that would have given the Heat the win over Dallas, the defender clearly slapped Wade's wrist. Wade even dropped the ball for a moment before the shot.

Now Blog Czar Thomas "It's pronounce BEST-iality" Francis has requested some actual sports analysis, so here goes: uh...uh...the refs, um, suck.

No, you can't make excuses and yes, the Heat were up by as many as 11 at one point and if they had been able to "handle their business"--to use a horrible analysis cliche--it would be a moot point. But seriously, this league has some troubling issues with referees, what's that called? Oh yeah, going to federal prison.

And basketball might be the most subjective of sports to officiate (making the league's issues all the more worrisome), and maybe we're just more sensitive to it now, and maybe it's just me, but it seems like every other game this season has been decided by some really sketchy calls.

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