Debra Villegas and Melissa Lewis' Company Survives Death

Now that Debra Villegas has been charged with money laundering in connection with Scott Rothstein's massive Ponzi scheme, her finances are getting a closer look. One venture that has raised some eyebrows is the corporation she formed with her best friend, Melissa Britt Lewis.

In March 2008, right after Melissa was killed, Debra told Plantation police that she and Melissa started Adventures of Lucy & Ethel Inc. to fund their vacations to places like Disney World and the Keys. Debra said that the company had been dissolved. But that wasn't entirely


According to records filed with the Secretary of State's office, the for-profit corporation was reinstated on March 13, 2008, eight days after Melissa was murdered. And the company remained active, because another annual report was filed in May 2009. Strangely, Melissa was still listed as president.

Christina Kitterman, another ex-Rothstein attorney and friend of Melissa's, was listed as the registered agent on the corporation's annual report. Last week, the Juice called Kitterman to inquire about the company, but she has not returned the call.

Debra's attorney, Robert Stickney, declined to comment. "I don't know anything about that corporation," he said.

Debra has pleaded not guilty to money laundering in connection with Rothstein's scheme.

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