Did Mitt Romney Go Brownface on Univision?

During his face-melting "47 percent" comments, Mittington Romnom RoboRomney Mittbot Doghater Romney also said that if he were Latino, he would so win the presidency.

Perhaps he wasn't kidding.

Romney appeared on Univision on Wednesday night to try to sway the Latino vote his way (which, according to the latest polls, ain't looking so caliente). 

And in probably one of the craziest-yet-knowing-this-guy-it's-completely-plausible conspiracy theories to come out in a while, some are saying Uncle Willard purposely went heavy on the makeup for his TV spot to appear more Latino.

Pero compleeley...

The theory was started by the website Democratic Underground, which displays a photo of Romney during the Univision interview looking like he rubbed faces with John Boehner.

We're only reporting the theory, so don't yell at us in the comments. Although, look below at Mormon Romney and Romney Mexico and judge for yourself:

Did Mitt Romney Go Brownface on Univision?

There's no way of telling whether this is just a matter of a Univision makeup person getting a little carried away ("Ay, Señor Romney! Ju so paaaale!!" *aggressively rubs coloring on face*) or if Mitt really did want to get rid of some of the whiteness. But the brownface theory has been picked up by other news outlets around the interwebs. And it's telling that the theory kind of, sort of makes sense because, well... Mitt Romney!

Of course, if it is true, Romney totally Romney'd the opportunity to go brownface and screwed that up because he looks less like a Mexican and more like an Oompa-Loompa.

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