Dolphins Get New Nike Jerseys; They Look Just Like Old Reebok Jerseys

You may have heard all the hubbub about the NFL's new lineup of jerseys, but don't go grasping for that Modell's member card yet.

NBC's Darren Rovell was tweeting all kinds of pictures from the Nike unveiling yesterday, including a picture of the Dolphins' new home jersey, which bears a striking resemblance to... the Dolphins old home jersey.

It appears the new changes are mostly in the fabric and construction -- Nike describes the "Elite 51" uniform as "A uniform system rooted in body-led design, built for a body-contoured fit resulting in zero distractions in order to help amplify speed." It's a shirt that makes you faster! Pair it up with those P.F. Flyers and you'll be melting pavement in no time.

Speaking of shoes, the Dolphins' new cleats might be the most drastically changed part of the whole deal. They were unveiled a few months ago, but we got a better look at the teal and orange dancin' shoes in yesterday's picture.

One key difference: Cornerback Sean Smith tweeted a picture last month of a Nike jersey (with gigantic Nike logo) in the currently unused coral/orange color that will presumably be used again as an alternate home jersey. Hey, it's another color to sell.

The jerseys hit stores the weekend of the NFL draft, starting April 26.
Dolphins Get New Nike Jerseys; They Look Just Like Old Reebok Jerseys

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