Dolphins Top (the Middle of) NFL Power Rankings

They got Jason Taylor back, and they got two big corners, filling the biggest needs from last year. But still, when came out with the latest power rankings earlier this week, the division-champion Miami Dolphins were right in the middle of the league: number 17.

Surely this is because every other team in the division looks much better than last year - New England has Brady back, Buffalo got Terrell Owens, and the Jets have a new offense, defense, and coach. And the Dolphins have...Chad.

They didn't acquire any of the big-name, South Florida-based wide receivers (Boldin, Burress, or Johnson Ochocinco) getting shopped around the league this off-season, which might have helped a bit in a division that now has Randy Moss and T.O.

Also, it should be noted that these rankings aren't worth shit. Here's ESPN's power rankings from the week the regular season ended. Note that the future-champion Steelers were third, and Arizona, the team they barely beat in the Super Bowl, is ranked 13th, five spots behind the Dolphins.

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