Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife Ranting and Carrying A Sign In Middle of Downtown Chicago

via Deadspin
via Deadspin

It appears that Dwyane Wade's ex, and mother of his two sons, Siohvaughn Funches, is having some kind of meltdown in the middle of downtown Chicago.

A tipster sent along a photo of Funches to Deadspin.com, depicting her sitting on the ground and holding a sign that reads, "NBA MIAMI HEAT STAR MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN ON THE STREETS."

The tipster also reports that Funches has been ranting about Wade's homes and million dollar contracts.

From Deadspin:

Our tipster tells us that he briefly overheard Funches ranting about "$90 million contracts" and "houses on the water."

via Deadspin
via Deadspin
via Deadspin
via Deadspin

Just a few weeks ago, Funches filed a lawsuit against D-Wade, alleging that he owes her money from his endorsement deals.

The lawsuit claims that Wade is violating some kind of terms of agreement where he's supposed to be putting all his endorsement money into a joint account that both he and Funches control.

Wade's attorney has denied that to be the case.

In 2011, Wade was awarded sole custody of his and Funches' two sons, Zion and Zaire.

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