Eggelletion: Does Financial Disclosure Form Offer Clue?

Early word on the arrest of Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion is that it involves a complex scheme to launder money through his contacts in the Bahamas.

Also arrested in connection to the Eggelletion case, according to a federal complaint, are Ronald Lee Owens, attorney Joel Williams, and Bahamian Sidney Cambridge.

I obtained the commissioner's financial disclosure form to look for clues and found an interesting item: Eggelletion admitted in the form to accepting $15,000 last year from -- wait for it -- Ronald Lee Owens, who lives in Hollywood. Owens is a friend of Eggelletion's.

The form states no other details. Another elected official nabbed in the probe, School Board member Beverly Gallagher, failed to file a form. In light of her arrest and the revelation that she obtained thousands of dollars in bribe money, it's pretty obvious why.

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