Famous Festivus Pole Sells for $455 on eBay

Famous Festivus Pole Sells for $455 on eBay
Chaz Stevens

The saga of the Pabst Plue Ribbon Festivus Pole has a happy ending.

This famous pole, which was built by activist Chaz Stevens and erected in the rotunda of the Florida Capitol as a counterpoint to Nativity scenes on public property, has sold on eBay for $455.

The anonymous buyer is located in Los Angeles. There were seven bids.

Stevens seemed pleased about the sale and promised to donate proceeds to Women in Distress. He said in an email, "I'm also auctioning off the Tamarac pole this week -- proceeds to benefit Tamarac Youth Soccer."

He also debuted his grand plan for next year: "We're gonna launch a Kickstarter for 2014 -- Festivus Across the U.S. Everywhere there's a manger in a state capitol, we're gonna put a pole."

'Til December...

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