Feds' New Stance on Medical Marijuana May Be Boon for West Palm-Based "GreenCard"

Now that the U.S. Justice Department has committed -- at least rhetorically -- to an "efficient and rational use" of its enforcement powers against marijuana users and sellers, there's money to be made. Maybe Commerce Online of West Palm Beach will emerge as a kind-of mountain cabbage Mastercard.

The company, whose website is here, this week announced the launch of its GreenCard, a debit card through which people with permission to use marijuana for medical purposes can pay for it electronically.

In a statement, Commerce Online CEO Kyle Gottschalk said:

"With recent economic issues and more stringent requirements within the banking industry, many Americans may no longer have or qualify for a credit card or checking account to pay for essential needs or medical services and do not want to exchange or carry large amounts of cash to these locations. The Commerce Online "GreenCard" will essentially be the logical choice as a low cost, effective cash alternative to regulated medical marijuana industry"


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