First Episode of LeBron James' Cartoon "The LeBrons" Premieres

This is it, the most anticipated athlete-based Saturday morning-style cartoon since "Pro Stars." What started as an entertaining shoe commercial is now a regular short web cartoon based on the many personalities of LeBron James. This is the first episode of "The LeBrons."

Without spoiling the ending, in this episode chills with a pretty cool lion.

For the people who already hate LeBron, this won't help. The opening theme song alone, with lyrics like: "Life isn't always fun and games. Ladies and gents, LeBron James!" will seem like piss in a hater's cereal.

And for the people who love LeBron, admire him as an icon in America, this will be another chance to spend a good 8 minutes a week (minus the theme song) with the man who calls himself "King."

Check back soon for summary rundowns of future episodes.


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