Five April Fool's Pranks You Should Never Try in Florida

Five April Fool's Pranks You Should Never Try in Florida
Photo by baejaar via Flickr Commons

Oh, April Fool's, you're the silliest of all the days. Yes, sillier than Arbor Day, Flag Day, and even charades night at Rick Scott's house (where 90 percent of shouted-out guesses include the words "evil" and "snake").

Whimsy reigns supreme, and across America, fun is had while Whoopee Cushions deflate faster than a SeaWorld orca's will to live.

But, alas, this isn't America. This is Florida.

And there are just certain things you can't do in Florida. So before you and your buds go outside looking to cause a little April Fool's mayhem, please pause and take a glimpse into your potential future.

5.) The home invasion prank. Aunt Betty seems like an easy target, right? The osteoporosis has slowed her reaction time, and you had to delete her Gmail account because she kept forwarding you chain emails with the subject "OBAMA MUSLIM! SECRET DOCUMENTS REVEALED!" She's got April Fool's written all over her.

And, boy, were you right! That was April Fool's gold. But what happens when we turn Aunt Betty into Uncle Rich and move this April Fool's prank to Florida?

Gah! I warned you! Was it worth all the YouTube hits? Huh?! You can't walk up to someone's front door in Florida unless you're 8 and have no fewer than 30 boxes of cookies.

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