Five Instagram Posts Fort Lauderdale Needs to Stop Doing Already

Five Instagram Posts Fort Lauderdale Needs to Stop Doing Already
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Instagram can be fun. It's a social media outlet where you can share what you're doing, where you are, and generally show off those hidden Annie Leibovitz skills.

But like anything else, some things can get stale and played out -- particularly in places like Fort Lauderdale, where the choice for picturesque moments can be unlimited but are instead boiled down to the same old things.

Yes, Fort Lauderdalians, our city is beautiful, and so are you. So stop being boring about it. Get creative. Stop being like everyone else. Here are five Instagram posts this city absolutely needs to move on from already:

5. Cruise ships!

Yes, big boats are neat, we suppose. But enough already with these posts. No one outside of snowbirds and people who love 24-hour access to all-you-can-eat buffets likes cruise ships. They're just giant floating hotels. Why must you subject your friends and family to looking at a cruise ship for the 5,937th time. No one needs that.

4. Food!

Oh, look at that. You eat food. How original! Please, for the love of all that is good and holy and sacred, STOP SHOWING PEOPLE YOUR FOOD. You're not the first human to discover a restaurant that serves really delicious fish tacos. What service are you performing here?

Also, stop posting photos of food you've bitten into. People already don't want to see a plate of food on their Instagram. No need to ruin their day any further with a photo of a masticated burrito.

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