Florida Police Looking for Man Who Keeps Pooping Outside Middle School Classroom

UPDATE: Police believe they have caught the pooper.

The Ocala Police Department is asking for the public's help identifying a perpetual pooper who keeps leaving his dumps outside of the same middle-school classroom.

According to the Ocala cops, someone phoned in a report on September 6 that there was feces outside the door of classroom 469 at Fort King Middle School.

On September 14, someone phoned in another fresh bowel movement outside classroom 469 -- this time with a note.

Another poo pile and note were found again -- of course, outside classroom 469 -- on September 27.

This morning, Fort King Middle School officials called the cops -- feces outside room 469.

Apparently the cops are getting tired of this shit -- so they've released a frame of the surveillance footage, seeking the public's help identifying him.

The surveillance tape isn't too high-tech, but the cops can tell he's a white man who's clean-cut and wearing glasses, taking a load off outside the classroom.

If you know who takes a weekly poop outside classroom 469 at Fort King Middle School, the cops ask you to call the Ocala Police Department at 352-369-7000 or Crimestoppers at 352-368-STOP.

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