For Polo Mogul John Goodman, Other Celebrity DUI Cases Offer Hope of Minimal Punishment

As polo mogul John Goodman faces vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter charges for the Wellington car accident that led to the death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson, many wonder if he'll receive special legal treatment because of his wealth and stature.

Goodman is a multimillionaire trust fund heir from Houston, not a football player or TV star. But the fate of those celebrities who faced similar charges in South Florida may offer clues as to how Goodman's case will play out in court. Take a look:

1) Donte Stallworth. The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver pleaded guilty last year to DUI manslaughter after striking and killing a 59-year-old pedestrian in Miami Beach. He spent 24 days in jail and must serve two years of house

arrest and eight years of probation.

2) Rick Sanchez. The former Miami TV news anchor and current CNN anchor struck a pedestrian while leaving a Dolphins game in 1990. The victim, Jeffrey Smuzinick, was in a coma for months and died four years later in a nursing home. Sanchez pleaded no contest to misdemeanor drunk driving, had his license suspended for six months, and paid a $250 fine.

3) Jim Leyritz. The ex-New York Yankee is now awaiting trial on a DUI manslaughter charge for a 2007 Fort Lauderdale car accident that killed Fredia Veitch, 30, of Plantation. Leyritz has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charge but has agreed to pay $100,000 to Veitch's family.

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