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For Those Road-Tripping to Cayleestock

For Those Road-Tripping to Cayleestock

As anyone with cable news knows by now, there will be a public memorial for Caylee Anthony tomorrow in Orlando. Caylee's grandmother Cindy asked the Orlando Sentinel to publish this eulogy in advance of the funeral.

Notice that Cindy Anthony specifically invites only "those with the purest of hearts and truly honorable intentions." This leads me to a few questions, which readers are free to answer in the comments thread.

1) If you were among those captivated by this story, does the funeral bring closure? Or will you still check Google news updates on the Anthonys every day for the next month?
2) If you are coming to the funeral from out of state, which Anthony story celebrity would you most like to meet? And why?
3) If you are attending the funeral and believe that Casey Anthony is innocent, will you have any extra time to go shopping for a house? Because there are a lot of people here who would like to sell you their house.
4) Does Casey Anthony deserve to be at the funeral?
5) What have we learned from the Caylee Anthony story that we didn't know before? (i.e. Assuming that most people know that human life is precious and it's wrong to kill a child.)

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