Foreign Buyers Totally Into South Florida Real Estate

Popular real-estate website has been tracking you, international real-estate buyers. And now it's telling everybody.

While a study released earlier this week found that searches for U.S. homes from other countries has dropped 10 percent on the website since 2011, there was other information that was pretty interesting: Of the ten cities most searched-for in the United States, six were in Florida.

Miami was number one, with 15.7 percent of searches coming from "international house hunters," according to Trulia. Fort Lauderdale was number three (12.9 percent), and West Palm Beach was number six with 10.3 percent. Here are the full standings:

(click for larger)
(click for larger)

And, courtesy of Trulia's supernifty interactive map, the countries most interested in Florida real estate:

  • Miami: U.K., Germany, Mexico, France, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Russia
  • Fort Lauderdale: Canada, France, Brazil
  • Orlando: U.K., Brazil, Netherlands, Philippines
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg: Germany
  • Cape Coral-Fort Myers: Germany

Check out Trulia for more.

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