Giant "Mystery" Eyeball Discovered in Pompano Beach; FWC Investigates

Giant "Mystery" Eyeball Discovered in Pompano Beach; FWC Investigates
Courtesy of FWC

What in the hell is going in Broward County these days? First a guy dies from eating too many bugs, then this thing washes up in Pompano Beach.

The above picture is of a giant eyeball that a Pompano Beach resident discovered and turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

We're assuming that it belonged to a squid of some sort. But we're hoping that it really belongs to some giant unknown sea monster lurking off our beaches.

According to FWC's Facebook, they packed it on ice and shipped it off to the Tequesta Field Lab for proper identification.

We put in calls to FWC to learn more about the whole situation, and we'll update when we hear back.

Update at 1:35: FWC Spokeswoman Carli Segelson says the eyeball will be sent to FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute up in St. Petersburg.

Update at 7:51: The geeks over at Sun-Sentinel are reporting that the eye likely belongs to a swordfish. That makes sense, because one of our fisherman buddies said so on Facebook, which is, like, the most reliable source. But how the hell did the eyeball come out so perfectly? 

We're still holding out for it to be a squid eye, because that would just be far cooler than a swordfish. 

But we'll give an awesome prize (not really) to the first person who catches a one-eyed swordfish. 

New Times can confirm with 100 percent confidence that the eyeball doesn't belong to this guy:

Giant "Mystery" Eyeball Discovered in Pompano Beach; FWC Investigates

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